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SpringHouse Candles and Scents treasures
each and every one of their customers.

They say we have the best smelling and best burning scented candles on the market.

Here is what a few of them have to say about our scented candles and products.

You may read a professional review from Lisa at Candlefind SpringHouse Candles Review


Tarzana, CA

If you haven’t purchased candles from SpringHouse Candles, you’re missing out.  First, the candles are first-class, the scents are pungent and spot-on, obviously poured with great care as every one I’ve received has been perfect, each votive has an easy-to-remove label on it indicating the candle’s fragrance, and, get this - each and every votive is individually hand-wrapped in tissue paper, an extra insurance that your candles will arrive unblemished and in perfect shape.  The turn around time from ordering to receiving is usually just a couple of days (and I’m half-way across the country from them), and every order I’ve received comes with a hand-written note of thanks.  With the high degree of “customer care” that SpringHouse displays, the candles themselves easily match that.  Highly recommend!

Gregory P
Chicago, IL

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the Spring House family for making such beautiful products. In these days of mass produced and reduced quality goods, it's an absolute joy and pleasure every time we receive a new shipment of candles from you. Every aspect from placing the order, to the receipt of delivery is virtually perfect. It's obvious how much love, time, and care Spring House puts into their hand made products and customer service. We also sincerely appreciate that you know how to establish long term relationships and communications with your return customers.

Everything that has been written by other reviewers and testimonials is absolutely true. Our current favorites are the 23.5 ounce and Frosted Jars. The scents are very unique, and make our home nice and cozy. An absolute "must have", especially during the Holiday Seasons. Again, thank you so much for always using the highest quality ingredient, and "poured by hand" manufacturing process. Since discovering Spring House Candles almost 4 years ago, we have stopped purchasing any other brand. There's simply no comparison of overall quality and service.

Keep those wicks trimmed!

Gregory P
Chicago, IL

Jill C.
Sun Prairie, WI

I ordered an electric tart warmer and several tarts. I can't tell you how superior the tarts are to other tarts I've purchased. The warmer is also of higher quality and much larger than many warmers offered in stores. Your tarts continue to smell melt after melt. Some of the other tarts I've purchased barely smell the first time I melt them. I have a tri-level home and I can smell them on every level although I only have the warmer on my main level. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!

Blake and Samina-Rose
Colorado Springs, CO

We're most glad to have found you. I've burned tarts for many years and can now say..... Goodbye Yankee....Hello S-S-S-S-Springhouse!!!!! Your tarts are absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. The very BEST EVER. I've told all my friends and family so expect us all to be patronizing your excellent store... Here's two photos of The Samina-Rose....Can ya tell....she absolutely LOVES your tarts!!!!! Many Thanks.

Michael M.
Sacramento, CA

Laurie, Thank you so much. My wife loves your candles so much that I never buy from anyone else, but your kindness confirms my confidence in you and your caring attitude to both your products and to your customers. I went to wrap the cranberry candle I thought I bought from you during one of your sales, and I couldn't find it, and then looking through my records on your site and here, I realized that I never ordered it! Thanks for making my mistake not as big a disaster as I thought it was going to be. Christmas without one of your candles wouldn't be the same.

Tina M.
Hilton Head, SC

Well, where do I start? I just love the wax tarts and punched tin warmers. It has been an incredibly personal experience when ordering from SpringHouse Candles and Laurie, the aroma artist, in particular. Selfishly, in the beginning I ordered only for ME. Then, I started giving tarts and punched tin warmers to friends for different occasions. My favorite year round tart is the patchouli..but at Xmas I change to more seasonal tarts. My house always has such a nice smell when I walk in, and I can thank Laurie, and SpringHouse Candles for that lovely experience!

Angie D.
Indianapolis, IN

Laurie - This is one of the MANY reasons I love you! Really? Shipped within hours of placing the order? You are fabulous! The other BIG reason...your products are incredible and like nothing else. I have friends who are Yankee devotees and I encourage them to check you out. I know a couple have and are so pleased! Many thanks for what you do!

Jean R.
Eufaula, AL

Laurie, I ordered from you last year, and was delighted at the wonderful quality of workmanship. My candles have lasted for some time! But, another Holiday is coming up fast and it is time for another order...thanks for taking the time to do such a great job on your product. I think it is the first candles I have ever had that completely burn all the way up without any waste!!! They are the best smelling, too, and last a long time...again, thanks for a job well done.

Julie S.
Carlos, MN

I sure enjoy your fragrant candles! They are much better than other candles by far! I was introduced to Spring House Candles through the Country Magazine...the story was very interesting. Thanks again for the great candles!

Wanda F.
Tualatin, OR

You Gals are Fantastic !!! Love~Love~Love~your candles !!!!

Tom F.
Lititz, PA

Very nice, you now have a permanent customer! My candles last fall were the best I've ever bought. Please don't CHANGE. Yankee cannot COMPARE with your QUALITY. Thank you, Tom

Jenny M.
Biglerville, PA

Dear Laurie, I just want to thank you so much for the great packaging of the candles you sent to me. They all got here fine and I have already given some of them away for Christmas Gifts. But I have to keep a few for myself.!! Thanks so much for such quality candles. I will only buy yours from now on, they burn a lot better than Yankee Candles and have more scent and are cheaper. Thanks for all you hard work to produce a top of the line product. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year! Thanks so much!

Dennis V.
Morganton, NC

I received the wax tarts I ordered, very quickly. Thank you for the help and very fast shipment. These wax tarts smell amazingly good, and I have tried many different kinds. I absolutely love these and will be buying more. I have not tried your candles yet but can only think they are just as good. I will be doing all my scented shopping with Springhouse Candles from now on. When I placed my first order I messed up and had to call the next day for a possible correction. I was expecting a snotty reply or something to that effect. I spoke to the owner and was amazed that she spoke completely normal to me. I guess I am so used to any customer service in today's age to be curt and even rude. My order was quickly corrected and shipped, again with the absolutely amazing, and it actually made my day start off great after speaking to Laurie. I wish most all customer service calls could be so pleasant. Bless you all and hope your business continues to thrive for a long time.

Lance B.
New York, NY

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my tart order. I have tried many different tarts from other companies and yours are by far the best. The scents are strong and long lasting. I gave my father your information and I believe he just placed an order. Best Wishes.

Karin C,
Scranton, PA

After reading about you in one of my country magazines, I decided to give it a shot. How thrilled was I when I lit my melter, and put a lilac scent in it, and my whole living/kitchen area smelled beautifully like spring!!! LOVE your product, and will come back for more!

Viola L.
Laconia, NH

Received my first order a few days ago, and all I can say is , No More Yank** Candles for me!!!!! I love your candles! This order is for my daughter, she will love them too! Thanks so much Laurie!

Jennifer Anne B.
Marysville, Ohio

Hello! I read your article in Country magazine over Christmas and was eager to see how great these candles were. I got my first one today. I left it burning for 30 minutes in the kitchen while downstairs on the computer. When I returned to the kitchen the whole room was filled with the most awesome clean fragrance I had ever smelled. (Teak and citrus.) I am hooked, plain and simple. They burn clean and even. You have out-done yourself. I also ordered the goats milk soap. Oh my-it smells like heaven as well! I have already called my mother, who owns a gift shoppe in Georgia, and told her not to commit to any new candles this spring. I hope she will be able to carry your line-it is just wonderful. And oh I forgot, the shipping was super fast! God bless you and God bless your business.
Sincerely, Jennifer

Celeste L.
Pikeville, NC

My in-laws know I love candles, so I wasn’t surprised to see that they had sent me a candle for Christmas this year. What did surprise me, however, was just how fragrant and how evenly these candles burn! I have tried many, many different types of candles. Yankee, Salt City, and Party Lite to name a few. I was immediately impressed with these Springhouse Candles, though, I feel they are the best. So much so that I have just placed an order for another candle and a candle warmer. I can’t wait to try them all!

Linda S.
Cheyenne, WY

Hi Laurie,
I got the box of candles yesterday and am thrilled. First of all, the presentation is wonderful. I love how they are wrapped in paper. Second, the colors are fabulous!!!! I love the teal the best, but all are yummy. Third, the smells are perfect, these make me very happy. Forth, I have lit 2 already (one yesterday when I tore open the box) and one today. They burn exactly perfect with no waste. The wick is perfect. And I love the stickers on them.
Perhaps some people (most, I find) don't understand the energy that comes with hand made, or hand poured in your instance. I am self employed (service company) and we can't help but put a piece of ourselves into each item that goes out. I can feel the love!!
My house is once again full of flames and good calm energy, which keeps me full of joy! I thank you for your gifts of creativity and sharing.
I wanted to add that I left yesterday for about half an hour and left the candle going, and when I came back in I could smell it really well. I have a big room (kitchen, den and dining all in one), and it even still had that scent when I got up this morning. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats, so we have lots of other smells going on (especially when there's snow to roll in). As much as I love them, I have to keep something else with a good smell going. Last night I was trying for more adjectives to describe this for you, but I just have to keep saying wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!!! (and I love so much that they burn all the way down with no waste of wax. Did I already say that??)
You can also add me to your email list if you have one, so that when new scents come out I will know.
Have wonderful holidays and thanks again for reviving my faith in American products and the small business. I wish you the very best (and will tell everyone I know about your company).
Making everyday happy, you do the same!

Maureen K
Dover, NH

I love, love, love your candles!!! .... at 46, I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis and find it difficult to sleep thru the pain. For the past 2 years, my only comfort at night has been candles. And I have tried them all. I first ordered your tea lights and knew that they were superior to the iconic New England candles: Yank** Candles. With shipping, I couldn't justify buying your tea lights to Yank**'s. When I moved on to votives and tarts, it became 100% clear to me that I was using twice as many Yank** products to yours in order to achieve the saturation of scent that I desired. So, I will continue putting in my weekly orders so long as you are there...BTW, my absolute favorites are hot apple pie and pumpkin pie, they are the best ever. Their scents waft throughout the house!! Thank-you for your products.

Melissa W.
Cary, NC

I AM SO HAPPY! I am a home-fragrance freak and I have been using Yank** candle wax tarts for years. But, as you may have heard many times, I grow continually frustrated with the fact that my favorite fragrances always seem to be the ones they discontinue. (Not to mention Yank**'s ever-increasing prices!) I ordered some tarts from you and just got them today. Well I can say without a doubt that your tarts are the best available anywhere. The fragrances are FABULOUS! My sister and I are so pleased with your product. I am very picky about the way my home smells and I do not like the chemical smell of most home fragrance items on the market. You have a new customer. Look for me to place another order very soon. Thank you for making the best candles on the market!

Christina A.
Newport News, VA  

I love your candles. They make my whole house smell wonderful. Most candles you have to be close to it to smell it, but these I can smell in a different room and I love it. If I am ever near Wisconsin, I will make a special trip to see your store. Thank-you.

Annette L.
South Weber, UT

I love your candles!!! Do you have scratch and sniff sheets of all your fragrance? My daughter bought me a "Clove" candle for Christmas. They are very hard to find. It's amazing how your candle's aroma travel all throughout my house compared to others. Out here, Salt City candles are the hit; but I like yours better. I don't know many people here but I will spread the word if I ever run into candle lovers.

Ralph - Owner of
Candles & Scents
Poway, California

I bought sample scented candles from all over the United States before opening my new candle store in Poway, CA. The scented candles that SpringHouse produces are by far the BEST scented candles you can buy. The fragrance fills the whole strip mall my store is in (18 Stores). I have only been open 3 weeks and I already have return customers buying Laurie & Laurie-Sue’s - Scented Jar, Votive, & Tea Light Candles. The votives seem to have a personality. Probably because they were made with love and wrapped individually for their journey to California. Once you burn one of their scented candles you’ll never go back. I tell everybody that comes in about SpringHouse and show them a picture of the girls at work hand pouring the best candles in the U.S.A.

Phyllis S.
Rawson, OH

I was looking for candles online one day and I stumbled on Springhouse candles. I am from Ohio and have gotten to know Laurie through phone calls. I use her candle warmers and put in the 23 ounce scented candles.  I have her candles going 24/7 and the last 2, as I have 2 warmers going at all times, lasted 2 months. I will never use anything else. The smell is so long lasting, they are the best.  Glad to have met you, Laurie, and your candles.  It's like having a new friend and candles are a bonus.

Kristen K.
Chicago, IL

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your company...

I recently visited my boyfriend's family up in Mt Horeb, WI. His aunt is always burning these beautifully scented candles. This last visit I asked her where she got these candles. She introduced me to SpringHouse Scented Candles. She gave me a few tealights to bring back to Chicago with me and try out. Before I finished burning the first tealight I was online purchasing two 15 oz. scented candles! I received my candles two days later, and I am already spreading the good word! Be ready for my Christmas gift orders!

Thank You!

Danica R.
Los Angeles, CA

I am very pleased with my Sage and Citrus Springhouse Select candle. First of all it burns cleanly and has an amazing throw. The scent is incredibly serene and purifying. The green wax against the frosted white jar is very pretty. I burn it in my living room and it carries through the entire house (I live in a 1300 sq foot ranch style bungalow). It also burns beautifully outdoors, and the shape of the container keeps the flames safe from the wind, while the fragrance permeates the air. I wouldn't get this scented candle for a small space as the fragrance might be overwhelming, but I highly recommend it for creating a lovely atmosphere in any airy, large space.

Patricia M.
Long Island, NY

I "Love" Springhouse select candle "Fig Pudding" !!! It has the most wonderful fragrance.  I have been home from the hospital recuperating from surgery for two weeks now and have lighted my one and only "Fig Pudding" candle each and every day! I had no idea where, when and how I came to own this candle...but I can tell you I will now be a lifetime friend and customer of Springhouse Candles! My order has been placed for a new jar of "fig pudding" and I can't wait until it arrives at my door! Thanks for all those soothing, luscious fragrant hours of relaxation and beautiful scent in my home! You can be sure I will tell all my friends to visit your site and place their orders from Long Island, New York!
Blessings & Keep up your good work!

Jim J.
Napa, CA

The "Spirit" scented candle I bought smells great!!! I also like that the wick is lead free as I have an African Gray parrot, that cannot be around all those toxins.
Thanks again

Michele K.
Antioch, CA

My candles arrived today. I am burning the Roasted Chestnut in the Family room and the Banana Nut Bread in the kitchen as I write this. The house smells FABULOUS!  I have bought many different brands of scented candles and have not been impressed; this is the first time I have bought Springhouse Candles and I am very impressed with them and I am very happy with the "high fragrance" output. I believe they are the best I have ever burned.  I have also directed my Mother and my friend to your site.  In fact, I need to put in another order myself!!!
I am glad I found your website!!
Thank you!

David B.
Houston, TX

Hello Laurie,
I have been a fan of scented wax tarts for a couple of years. They became my choice after trying scented candles, some of which were very good - but trimming the wicks for optimum burning performance became a hassle. As a result, I decided to purchase some tarts and a tea-light melter. I liked the tarts because the were efficient and offered the opportunity to try a lot of scents without investing in more expensive candles. The tarts typically provided good scent for about 4 hours.
I located your website while searching for an electric tart melter. While ordering the melter, I decided to try a few of your tarts - but was very skeptical concerning your claim to several days use from a single scented tart. Well, your claim is definitely true, and I am amazed at the quality of your products. Wonderful scents and many hours of enjoyment from each tart.

Phyllis J.
Holcomb, MO

These are the best scented candles I have ever used!! Wonderful, personal service and delivery!!! I will definitely continue to buy and will tell all of my friends!!

Elizabeth B.
Metairie, LA

You have the most wonderful scented candles I have ever bought!  They burn
beautifully, smell luscious, burn much longer than any I have bought from anyone else! NO MORE YANK** CANDLES FOR US!!

Allan and Mari E.
Shenandoah, IA

You have the best scented candles; best smelling and great burning.  Fantastic service!  THANK YOU!

Sue S.
Linden, WI

I have been buying candles from Laurie for many years, and they are the best smelling scented candles I have ever bought.  Their service and friendship is unbelievable, their shop is beautiful, and I will be a long time customer.  Thanks to both Laurie's.

Debbie W.

Oroville, CA

Wow - Your candles are wonderful.  I've only tried a few of the tarts, but I had to let you know that I am really happy with them.  I have purchased tarts from several different companies and so far yours are the best.  I can't wait to try all the different fragrances.  Today I burned one of the "Pearls".  It is the best!  Wow love it!!!  I will definitely be ordering more from your company.  Your tarts are also the largest I have ever seen. 

Tara W.

Durham, NC

I love your wonderful candles, votives and tarts!  You have the BEST fragrances, and your customer service is just outstanding. I am absolutely addicted!  Thank you for making such fantastic products.

Kelly S. 

Charolette, MI


My very good friend gave me one of your candles as a Christmas gift, along with one of your candle warmers. I LOVE adding fragrance to my home whenever possible. I have so often been disappointed with candles that I have purchased. Most would smell good when I bought them, but they did not seem to deliver in the " fragrance dept" when I got them home and burned them. I was also often disappointed with the amount of wax left on the sides of the jar after burning. I recently had come to the conclusion that the "best candles" were Yankee candles, until I received a Springhouse Candle for Christmas. They ARE the PERFECT CANDLE !!! I am enjoying the fragrance of one, as I write this. I am SO impressed with not only the fragrance the candles give off, but also with the way the candle burns.  My friend gave me a 23.5 oz size candle and I have I burned it at least 2 or 3 times a week since Christmas. The candle is not even half gone and the wax has burned so evenly (no wax on the sides of the jar). I will not waste my money on any other candles again. Today I ordered for myself and for gifts. I want to introduce others to these wonderful candles. No "candle loving person" will be disappointed with these candles. They are THE BEST!!!

 Brenda S. 

Lilburn, GA


I just want to say that your tarts are by far the best I have ever used.  I have been using Yankee Candle tarts for years, but theirs don't come close to Springhouse tarts.  I am amazed at how long the fragrance lasts. 
I will definitely purchase more of your tarts in the future.

 Brenda S. 

Clifton, CO


I work at home and love the house smelling of something baking, the Aunt Honeys Butterscotch Pie is the best.  I'm getting each votive to try each smell.  I have tried many different candles, and I burn candles all the time.  I also use incense and house spray, and haven't found a candle until now that will burn all the way down evenly, and the aroma is fantastic.  Very nice, thanks for taking the time to make these so delightful.

Chelsea Mae Jo K.

Dodgeville, WI



I love springhouse candles, because when you walk in your house, and you have that home sweet home smell, it makes you feel so cozy and warm.  They are the most affordable candles you can find with great fragrance.  To know that a very special lady whom puts all her heart and soul into candle making did this.  She does this for a living, and her living is to help people have the best smelling houses, offices, and stores around. Whoever this magical lady is that pours these candles I admire her in many ways. Thank you for all the hard work that you do, just for us to have good smelling candles.

Delores K.

Ellenton, FL



I got acquainted with your candles while on a camping trip to Gov. Dodge State Park a few summers ago.  I brought some as gifts and now have two daughters hooked on them.  We winter in Florida and like to have dinner out on our screened porch by candlelight.  After having the candle go out every few minutes after only burning a one inch diameter area in a three inch pillar, I told my husband I was going inside to order candles from you.  He is from Wisconsin and wanted Pine.  Since we are in Florida we compromised on Citrus Peel and Pine.  I love the Frosted Jar Candles.  I've tried several different scents and all of them last to the end.  I'll see you next summer when I come to stock up!

Trish H.

Colorado Springs, CO


I was introduced to SpringHouse Candles by sister-in-law, Laurie Hines-Munson. (Laurie is manager of SpringHouse Candles retail store.)  When she'd visit us in Colorado, she'd bring candles to all of the family members out here - all 8 of us.  We all told her that we'd been "husbanding" our candles - not wanting to burn them but not wanting to deny ourselves, either.  We're all thrilled with this website and that, although we hope Laurie still comes to visit, we won't have to wait to enjoy these long-lasting, best smelling, best burning, fragranced candles.  Thank you! 


Candice R.

Dodgeville, WI


I love all your products. I burn your candles, oils, and incense. Your

accessories are also beautiful.  I'm a frequent customer and enjoy your high quality products.  They are the best smelling and best burning candles, ever!


Jill C.
Sun Prairie, WI

I have burned dozens of different scented candles in all price ranges for years but I have never burnt a cleaner, even burning and more aromatic candle than Springhouse offers. The customer service is top notch; I have always been pleased with the scents whether they are unique or old standbys.  Springhouse candles make super gifts, if you can part with them!

Patricia F.
Chicago, IL

Just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product.  With your candle burning, it made the holidays very cozy!  I've already burned my citrus and sage candle down to nothing, and I couldn't wait for our annual summer camping trip at the state park to visit your store, so I was thrilled to find you had a website!  Your candles are the best smelling scented candles I have ever bought.

Janet A.
Streamwood, IL

Your candle shop is always such a pleasure to visit.  Not only are the scents different and long lasting, but you always have such a unique display of accessories.  I will continue to bring everyone I know with me when I am visiting the area!

Beth B.
Linden, WI

These are the best smelling, and best burning candles, and the scent lasts to the end of the candle.  When someone talks about candles, I say “Go to SpringHouse”.

Brenda M.
Dodgeville, WI

The best burning, best smelling candle I have ever had. My favorite is Aunt Honey’s Butterscotch Pie!

Candi F.
Dodgeville, WI

SpringHouse Candles are one of the best smelling candles I have tried.  I am a candle addict and not even Yankee Candles match to SpringHouse. When burning, the scent stays even after extinguished. Best smelling and best burning candle I have found.

Cindy J.
Mineral Point, WI

I did not like scented candles until I tried these. Now they are a ‘must’ in my home!  They are the best scented candle ever.

Cindy P.
Livingston, WI

These are the best smelling candles. The fragrances are wonderful. They are also the best burning.  The candles burn a long time and they burn evenly.  Fragrance stays throughout the whole candle.

Jana B.
Montfort, WI

Best smelling scented candles and best burning candles.  I love them.

Jane O.
Linden, WI

I have never had a candle burn so evenly and all the way to the bottom.  No waste…Thanks!

Jean H.
Mineral Point, WI

These are the best smelling scented candles!  They smell great and the whole candle melts beautifully.  Best burning candle I have found.

Jodi W.
Mineral Point, WI

I have been burning candles for years.  I have never had a candle with such a wonderful burn and fragrance throw as SpringHouse Candles. They are truly a total enjoyment to experience. Try just one and you will never burn anything else.  They are truly a masterpiece, and the best candles made!

Margaret C.
Garland, Texas

Laurie does a fantastic job.  Her candles are the best smelling and best burning. 
I come all the way from Texas to buy her candles!

Mary R.
Dodgeville, WI

When I start burning a SpringHouse Candle, it smells as good in the beginning as when I get to the end of the jar.  They are the best smelling scented candle I have ever purchased.

Suzanne E.
Dodgeville, WI

These candles smell wonderful and the scents fill the whole house.  They last forever, so it is definitely worth the investment.  Best smelling and best burning candle I have found.
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