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Uses for Emu Oil - Printable

Age spots:Anti-aging properties make emu oil a wonderful all over facial moisturizer
Quickly diminishes cold sores if applied immediately upon onset and applied continuously.
Athlete's foot
Bed sores
Bee stings
Burns: aids in healing burns quickly.
SUNBURN: Apply 2-3 times daily, prevents blistering.
Calms 'hot spots' on pets Complexion problems
Cracked skin
Diaper rash
Enhance benefits of massage therapy
Heal psoriasis
Relieve eczema
Prevent scarring
Reduce swelling
Reduce roseola from rashes
Diminish acne inflammation
Soothe radiation treated skin
Hasten healing of cosmetic peels
Hasten healing of hemorrhoids
Lessen discomfort of rheumatism
Relieve pain of arthritis and bursitis
Soften callused feet
Relieve sports related injuries
Protect skin from chlorine irritation
Revive tired muscles
Prevent razor burn and nicks
Moisturize cracked, chapped skin
Soothe sunburn, prevent blistering
Relieve and heal diaper rash
Heal minor cuts and scratches
Alleviate itching of bug bites
Heal canker sores and cold sores
Reduce stretch marks of thighs, abdomen
Lessen under eye puffiness
Reduce appearance of age spots
Diminish appearance of fine lines
Joint pain
muscle cramps
muscle pain
Soften dry cuticles and promote healthy nails
help heal surgery scars
Relieves swelling
Takes the stinger out of bee stings